Dahi Kebab Parcels (Yoghurt Parcels)

I got obsessed with making Dahi Kebabs a month ago. I’ve made it at least three times in two different ways, and this will be the fourth. Early last month, when I realised I’d made a whole bunch of yoghurt dip for a couple of dinners and and little bits of it got left over, I got the idea to stuff it…

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No Guilt Prawn Cocktail

This is a throwback to the good old days in Kolkata and the tea gardens of Assam where traditional English classic food was kept alive by cooks trained by British Memsahibs (wives of tea planters). I don’t know how much prawn cocktail is served any more, because nowadays most people above the age of 25 seem to be on a weight watching…


Lamb Patties with Melting Mozzarella

I first saw this recipe in a Readers Digest cook book my dad presented my mom with in 1988. She of course, did nothing with it as cooking was the least of her interests, but I remember looking at this and drooling but could never make it because of all the fancy ingredients required. In India in the ’90’s, especially the countryside,…


Sweet Potato Croquettes With Cheese and Jalapeno

  You must be wondering why the obsession with sweet potato. The last recipe was a sweet potato tart, now sweet potato croquettes. Did she buy the damn vegetable in bulk? Yup. she did. The first time I made the sweet potato tart, I messed up the proportions leaving too little filling in the case. The second time on, I decided to…

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