Deliciously Fluffy Double Chocolate Cake

Post Views: 116 Coming up with the recipe for this lovely chocolate cake was so enjoyable especially as all the variations I tried out came out brilliantly! The Universe was being kind to me this time, after all the culinary disasters I’ve had in the past few months. I tried three different proportions, all of… Continue reading Deliciously Fluffy Double Chocolate Cake

Coconut Delight Cake (Eggless)

Post Views: 364 This cake is a tribute to my Indian heritage and is inspired by my love for coconut and jaggery combinations in many Indian sweetmeats made for certain festivals. One item called Modak, a rice flour dumpling stuffed with coconut and jaggery is a particular favourite and every time a friend’s mother-in-law makes… Continue reading Coconut Delight Cake (Eggless)

Eggless Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins

Post Views: 934   I went on this eggless quest after finding out that out my daughter was allergic to eggs. Luckily, this lasted only for the first three years of her life and she’s now outgrown the allergy. However, my affinity for eggless cakes remained as I found they dry out a lot less than… Continue reading Eggless Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins