The Best Summer Salad – My Accidental Not-so-Greek, Greek Salad

  This is a totally unexpected post and yet another salad, but I was compelled to put it out there. You know when the food gurus say that food tastes best with the freshest and good quality ingredients, they’re not lying. So over the weekend, we had a little organic market fete thing going on where I stay, and one of the…

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Broccoli Salad with Hazelnuts and Feta Cheese

I’ve gone on a salad spree suddenly. That’s the only inspiration coming to me these days, Heaven knows why. Maybe it’s the cheese, or the nuts, but I’m not going to go so deep into it. However, it’s going down a treat with all the people I’m feeding them to, so nobody’s complaining. My next post will most probably also be a…

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Rocket Salad With Apple, Cranberries and Pine Nuts

Salads are so varied and so versatile. The main thing however, is managing to keep the leaves crisp and fresh so there’s a bite to it, and making sure the dressing is not too runny or insipid. In summer, when everything is hot including the water from the taps and filters, you should wash the leaves with cold water from the fridge.…


Rustic Egg Chops with Ham and Cheese

One forgets about the simple dishes like egg chops, so easy and delicious. It’s been literally decades since I’ve eaten them and last month on a trip back home with my family, my mom mentioned egg chops for dinner and it kind of rang a bell in my head. We made the simple ones back there, just covering the egg halves with…


Pear, Walnut, Arugula Salad with No-Oil Honey Mustard Dressing

Salads were never on my favourite foods list when I was growing up. In fact, most vegetables and leafy greens were not. Earlier, the only salad leaf available to us was the humble lettuce and I just hated it. However as one grows, our tastes adapt to our different environments and exposures. Arugula and rocket are now my favourites to make a…


Baked Fish in Spicy Red Bell Pepper Sauce

Last night being a Friday and all, it was not feasible to give everyone the usual simple fare of dal, roti, sabzi (vegetables), and looking into the freezer, I found that we’ve run out of every thing but two fillets of fish. The last few times I’ve tried to bake fish it has been a disaster because water has leaked out of…


Bell Pepper Pasta with Broccoli and Mushrooms

Pasta, the flavourful dish from Italy has somehow become so popular in India, that it features in most dinner parties, kiddie birthday parties, buffets and multi cuisine restaurants in cities. It’s super easy to make, tastes wonderful and can be adapted in so many ways - and has - in so many countries to suit their own ingredient baskets that the Italians must…


Lamb Patties with Melting Mozzarella

I first saw this recipe in a Readers Digest cook book my dad presented my mom with in 1988. She of course, did nothing with it as cooking was the least of her interests, but I remember looking at this and drooling but could never make it because of all the fancy ingredients required. In India in the ’90’s, especially the countryside,…


Sweet Potato Croquettes With Cheese and Jalapeno

  You must be wondering why the obsession with sweet potato. The last recipe was a sweet potato tart, now sweet potato croquettes. Did she buy the damn vegetable in bulk? Yup. she did. The first time I made the sweet potato tart, I messed up the proportions leaving too little filling in the case. The second time on, I decided to…


Sweet Potato Tart With Caramelised Onion and Cheddar Cheese

  Winter in India gives you the most amazing array of fresh vegetables that are not available in the scorching heat of the summer months. One of those is the sweet potato, or Shakarkandi. This has a fibrous and whitish, yellowish flesh, unlike the orange coloured flesh of its western counterpart, and has a whole lot of nutritional benefits that one would…

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