Deliciously Fluffy Double Chocolate Cake

Coming up with the recipe for this lovely chocolate cake was so enjoyable especially as all the variations I tried out came out brilliantly! The Universe was being kind to me this time, after all the culinary disasters I’ve had in the past few months. I tried three different proportions, all of which worked, and even managed to get a delicious accidental…


Cherry, Almond Chocolate Bonbons

Did you know, that the minute people start trying to eat less sugar and fried foods to get rid of those millions of excess pounds from their bodies, their minds start obsessing about them overtime? Yuuuuup. That happens. It’s happening to me big time. The only recipes coming to mind these days are desserts and my evening walks are spent salivating over…


Nutella Swirl, Chocolate Chip Brownies

Brownies are my weakness. It also is a hot favourite with all of my family members, so after a long hiatus and weighing the pros and cons of baking this sinful decadent dessert (which I absolutely cannot resist even though my weight goals are far from being achieved, I decided to throw self-denial of calorific food out of the window and just…

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