Mini Chicken a la Kiev

Anyone in India who’s had any association with Calcutta/Kolkata and its famous continental food restaurants such as Mocambo’s, would have heard of or tasted Chicken a la Kiev. It may be made a little differently there, but the dish is essentially a chicken breast, stuffed with garlic parsley butter, breaded and fried. It’s got clean, simple, subtle flavours but is absolutely delicious.…


Sweet Potato Croquettes With Cheese and Jalapeno

  You must be wondering why the obsession with sweet potato. The last recipe was a sweet potato tart, now sweet potato croquettes. Did she buy the damn vegetable in bulk? Yup. she did. The first time I made the sweet potato tart, I messed up the proportions leaving too little filling in the case. The second time on, I decided to…

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