Rustic Egg Chops with Ham and Cheese

One forgets about the simple dishes like egg chops, so easy and delicious. It’s been literally decades since I’ve eaten them and last month on a trip back home with my family, my mom mentioned egg chops for dinner and it kind of rang a bell in my head. We made the simple ones back there, just covering the egg halves with…


Double Apple Pie With a Twist

This is a healthier version of the regular apple pie because it uses jaggery powder instead of sugar and you wont even know the difference. It came about after my younger child was laid up with a terrible bout of allergy related respiratory infections and the poor baby has not been allowed to eat any candy or desserts as sugar makes a…

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Moist Vanilla, Butter Cake

How to make that perfect vanilla cake that does not have too much butter or sugar or all the things that are harmful for you and still get it to rise well, fluff up and taste awesome? Err, tough job (and healthy cake is kind of an oxymoron) but it is a work in progress till I personally feel satisfied that I’ve…


Light Silken Mayonnaise

I don’t know why I ever bought mayonnaise in the first place. It’s just so simple to make and literally takes less than 10 minutes. Our cook has always made the mayonnaise we use at home and this year, I finally asked him for the recipe. After making it, I realised the host of possibilities. You can experiment with the thickness, add flavour or…

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