Sprouts Salad with Raw Mango and Pomegranate

The Indian summer, especially in the National Capital Region, brings upon us intense heat, combined with hot winds called Loo and frequent dust storms accompanied by rain. In this weather, I sometimes lose my appetite for the usual hot dal, rice, vegetable curry and foods with the usual spices used in Indian cooking, but still want that desi taste with all the…


Baked Piri Piri Broccoli

For all broccoli lovers, here’s an interesting way to enjoy the vegetable as well as get the dramatic presentation effect. That whole head of broccoli situated like a colourful tree on a plate is sure to get attention. Broccoli is a vegetable many people don’t seem to like - certainly almost everyone in my family hates it - but as it is…


Easiest Fruit and Nut Granola (Low Fat, Oil Free)

  When one’s reached a point where they have to lose kilos in the double digits, food choices shrink considerably. Breakfasts have been consisting of fruit and sometimes porridge loaded with fruit, and egg whites but that gets a bit monotonous after a while. The kids and the hubby love their cornflakes and sugar loaded honey loops and other items with tons…


No Guilt Prawn Cocktail

This is a throwback to the good old days in Kolkata and the tea gardens of Assam where traditional English classic food was kept alive by cooks trained by British Memsahibs (wives of tea planters). I don’t know how much prawn cocktail is served any more, because nowadays most people above the age of 25 seem to be on a weight watching…

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