Raw Mango Chutney With Raisins

Come summer and mango season is upon us. In India we are spoiled for choice with a variety of mangoes coming in from all parts of the country. There are 1500 varieties of mango grown in India of which 1000 are sold commercially, according to a government report. Now that’s a s**tload of mangoes and I assure you we don’t get to…


Prawn Curry With Mustard, Coconut and Mango (Shorshe Aam Chingri)

Shorshe, or mustard, is an integral ingredient in Bengali cuisine and the Bongs do a really good job of using it in many different ways. Here, I’ve used it in combination with coconut and mango to present what I think is a nicely balanced dish. The mustard provides a pungent punch, the mango gives a sweet and sour hit,  the chillies, a…

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