Chettinad Pepper Mutton

  Chettinad is a region in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and the Chettinad cuisine comes from the Nattukottai Chettiars of the region. The food preparations have been the result of an amalgam of spice trade between Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Srilanka and Indonesia and is characterised by freshly ground spices in their dishes. The food has piquancy, huge amount…


Lamb Patties with Melting Mozzarella

I first saw this recipe in a Readers Digest cook book my dad presented my mom with in 1988. She of course, did nothing with it as cooking was the least of her interests, but I remember looking at this and drooling but could never make it because of all the fancy ingredients required. In India in the ’90’s, especially the countryside,…

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