Soy Orange Prawns

This has been a really expensive post. After four attempts, trial and error, error, error, I finally managed to get the damn dish right. I mustered up all my resolve, positive energy, thorough perseverance and willed it to be this time. Didn’t want to waste the lives of another few kilos of prawns in hapless experimentation.  Am happy with the result though…


Chilli, Orange Glazed Chicken Breast

In the winter months, we get these juicy, sweet hybrid oranges called Kinnows, grown mainly in the Punjab region of India. This fruit is great for its juice, which can be drunk on its own, or used in cocktails or foods and the rind, which has some pretty good flavour, I substitute for lemon rind quite a bit. I’ve used this to…


Coconut Orange Tea Cake With Citrus Glaze

  Wow, my first post on my new blog. In all the career options I considered growing up - and there were many - being a chef was never one of them. For the longest time I thought nothing of my cooking and on many an occasion I’ve needed someone to rescue more than one dish in a single meal, so imagine…

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