Deliciously Tangy Masoor Dal (Red Lentils with Mango)

If you haven’t been made aware of my infatuation with mango, raw or cooked, this post should do do it for you. I love the fruit and will look for any excuse to use it in dishes. This is one dish that’s a winner in my eyes because it’s so simple and light. It’s again a Bengali concoction and one of my…


Sprouts Salad with Raw Mango and Pomegranate

The Indian summer, especially in the National Capital Region, brings upon us intense heat, combined with hot winds called Loo and frequent dust storms accompanied by rain. In this weather, I sometimes lose my appetite for the usual hot dal, rice, vegetable curry and foods with the usual spices used in Indian cooking, but still want that desi taste with all the…


Raw Mango Chutney With Raisins

Come summer and mango season is upon us. In India we are spoiled for choice with a variety of mangoes coming in from all parts of the country. There are 1500 varieties of mango grown in India of which 1000 are sold commercially, according to a government report. Now that’s a s**tload of mangoes and I assure you we don’t get to…

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