Soy Orange Prawns

This has been a really expensive post. After four attempts, trial and error, error, error, I finally managed to get the damn dish right. I mustered up all my resolve, positive energy, thorough perseverance and willed it to be this time. Didn’t want to waste the lives of another few kilos of prawns in hapless experimentation.  Am happy with the result though…


Steamed Fish in Oyster Sauce

  I first ate something like this in a fusion Chinese restaurant and tasting the flavours, thought I’d try to replicate the dish. It came out well the first try. One of those freaky usually never-to-happen-to-me things that just made me feel all happy happy inside. It was well appreciated by everyone in the family and two kilos of the dish got…


No Guilt Prawn Cocktail

This is a throwback to the good old days in Kolkata and the tea gardens of Assam where traditional English classic food was kept alive by cooks trained by British Memsahibs (wives of tea planters). I don’t know how much prawn cocktail is served any more, because nowadays most people above the age of 25 seem to be on a weight watching…


Prawn Curry With Mustard, Coconut and Mango (Shorshe Aam Chingri)

Shorshe, or mustard, is an integral ingredient in Bengali cuisine and the Bongs do a really good job of using it in many different ways. Here, I’ve used it in combination with coconut and mango to present what I think is a nicely balanced dish. The mustard provides a pungent punch, the mango gives a sweet and sour hit,  the chillies, a…

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