Stir Fried Vegetables with Mint and Fennel Seeds

Here’s another take on stir-fried vegetables. There are not too many ways to make vegetables taste very different and keep them free of honey or sugar or cheesy or creamy additions that make them taste awesome and one can only play around with condiments and combinations. Here is my attempt at making a whole bunch of healthy vegetables taste a bit different…


Stir Fried Pork (Cambodian Loc Lak Style)

A quick trip to Cambodia’s Siem Reap last month resulted in some serious gastronomic delights and not only did I gain a few inches around my waist but also a whole bunch of inspiration for food I’d like to try out. So experimenting on family (the usual guinea pigs), I decided to try and make my version of the Cambodian beef loc…


Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry with Balsamic Vinegar

So, the attempt at weight loss is still going on and though the last two weeks have been a bit of a struggle as far as eating the right foods is concerned, mainly because of the amount of meals being eaten outside of the house and sometimes a tremendous lack of willpower, at home, most of the time, I’m trying to be…


Vegetable Medley

What do you do when you have boring vegetables in your fridge? You throw them all together and pair them with a nice chicken bake. And how do you make boring vegetables taste nice? You add honey. If you manage not to screw them up completely (it would actually take a huge effort - to screw up) you’ll get a nice crunchy,…

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