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Hi, I’m Mrinalini Datta, a business journalist turned food blogger. After working at Bloomberg in Mumbai and New Delhi for almost 10 years, I quit my job to attend to my kid and have another. After they grew to a reasonable age where they didn’t need constant attention, I needed to start doing things to occupy myself. After years of pondering about my future at a productive career and knowing that I definitely did not want to do what I was doing earlier, I finally hit upon the bright idea to capitalize on my passion for food and travel and make a mark in the world of gastronomy. What kind of mark that will be, is for you my readers to decide. Will it be a tick mark, a star, a black mark or a blotch? Whoever it is, I’m going to have so much fun along the way.

Most people take their lives so seriously and life is actually as fun as you make it. One can choose to agonize over their mistakes and perceived failings or just accept them as a part of the human process. As I agonized about the blog and what direction it should take and whether the recipes I post would be good enough – they should be perfect – I had a conversation with someone who instantly changed my thoughts.

I then figured that the blog would be a reflection of reality in my experiments with food, leaving aside all need for a perfect product every time. If a recipe turns out well, great, if it doesn’t meet my exacting standards, no worries, and if it’s a complete disaster, absolutely ok, because no one gets it right all the time, even the most experienced chefs. And here you get to be a part of my culinary journey, the good, the bad and the utterly inedible, and hopefully get some amusing anecdotes out of it.

Earlier, I had this idea of perfectionism that I felt compelled to attain. These days all of the social media has people exhibiting their successes, their perfect pictures, their perfect holidays, and all the stuff that shows everyone what an awesome life they are leading. As time goes by I realize that striving for perfection is wonderful as long as it’s not cause for grief when you don’t get it right and so I’m trying to let it go.

What a liberating state that could be. Admit your failures and move on. It will lighten your heavy mental load and likely make everyone around you happier too. That’s not to say that I’m espousing mediocrity, but in one’s quest to get things up to your own lofty standards, you will struggle sometimes and fail and that’s absolutely okay.

This blog reflects the essence of me. Self-deprecating and honest about my failures and my successes. The intention is to have a blast on my culinary and literary journey documenting my attempts at creating simple and edible recipes.