Sweet Potato, Coconut and Sesame Cutlets

These days of Covid lockdown, my family, who are otherwise voracious sweet eaters are not getting any sweetmeats and I am not making any desserts either. We're eating very simple vegetarian food all week to detox, so in the evenings when everyone gets hungry, the sweet fix comes in the form of my Nutella on toast or peanut butter on toast or…

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Power Packed Chia Pudding – Healthy Breakfasts

I first ate this at the Perch restaurant in Delhi’s Khan Market and loved it. Till a month ago, I hadn’t ever gone near any chia dishes. I somehow have this healthy disregard for all these exotic superfoods such as quinoa, goji berries, acai berries, chia and those that come from far, far away which are extremely expensive and not sustainable in…

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Coconut Delight Cake (Eggless)

This cake is a tribute to my Indian heritage and is inspired by my love for coconut and jaggery combinations in many Indian sweetmeats made for certain festivals. One item called Modak, a rice flour dumpling stuffed with coconut and jaggery is a particular favourite and every time a friend’s mother-in-law makes it, she’s been given strict instructions to make an extra…


Prawn Curry With Mustard, Coconut and Mango (Shorshe Aam Chingri)

Shorshe, or mustard, is an integral ingredient in Bengali cuisine and the Bongs do a really good job of using it in many different ways. Here, I’ve used it in combination with coconut and mango to present what I think is a nicely balanced dish. The mustard provides a pungent punch, the mango gives a sweet and sour hit,  the chillies, a…


Coconut Orange Tea Cake With Citrus Glaze

  Wow, my first post on my new blog. In all the career options I considered growing up - and there were many - being a chef was never one of them. For the longest time I thought nothing of my cooking and on many an occasion I’ve needed someone to rescue more than one dish in a single meal, so imagine…