Raw Mango Lassi – Fantastic Summer Cooler

yoghurt drink with raw mangoes and mint

Raw Mango Lassi – Fantastic Summer Cooler


yoghurt drink with raw mangoes and mint

Mango season is upon us again with a bang and what better way to beat the heat than with healthy cooling drinks which add fruits to probiotics yeah? I first drank raw mango lassi in an Indian restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1997. The restaurant’s name was Tandoor, run by a very pleasant Indian gentleman. I wonder if it’s still open. It should be. It was good. I really enjoyed the lassi and years and years later I decided to have a go at it myself. Funnily enough, this is the first time I’ve had it since then. Everyone loved it at home and called it very refreshing. Looks like it’s going to be as popular as my Iced Green Tea in the house. 

It’s strange how my culinary creativity and energy has just exploded during this period where we aren’t allowed to step out of our homes. Is it that I’ve decided to let go of all my weight hangups or that its really nice to cook for everyone at home or that there’s really nothing else to do and I would go stark raving bonkers otherwise and take everyone down with me? Maybe all of the above. All I know is that I’m just loving it. 

refreshing summer cooler with yoghurt and raw mango

Word of advice for this creation – Try to use a raw mango that’s not too sour because the tangier it is the more sugar you would need. In India I’ve found that the Safeda variety, most widely available and least expensive, works very well for this purpose. It’s got a mild tang and has a lovely fragrance and texture in its raw and semi-ripe form. Surprisingly, I don’t much care for the taste when it’s ripe. I ask for raw Safeda from my fruit vendor. If you don’t get that, try for any other raw mango of your choice that’s a bit mellow. Also don’t use too much mint leaves in your lassi. Add it in last, following my instructions and blend just till you get little flecks. You want just a hint of mint and don’t want to smoothly integrate it into your lassi else it will taste more like a chutney and overpower your drink. 

Ingredients (Makes 4 large glasses or 6 small ones)

2 large raw/semi raw mangoes cubed (300 gms) I used the Safeda variety.
600 gms thick yoghurt
4 tbsp sugar (60 gms)
150 ml water (chilled)
10 medium sized mint leaves 
* Can add a pinch of salt to your glass if you like it sweet and salty.

* If you only have very sour raw mangoes, only add a tablespoon or two of raw mango paste to your yoghurt per glass and not as much mango as mentioned above.

Get Started (Pictorial Steps below)

  • Add your mangoes to your blender and whizz into a smooth pulp. Then add the yoghurt and sugar and blend again till all the ingredients have melded together. 
  • Pour in the water and blend a bit more. Lastly, tear up the mint leaves, add them to the blender add and whizz gently till you see small particles. The leaves should not be totally blended into the liquid else you’ll get a chutney! Refer to the picture above. 
  • Pour into your glasses, add ice cubes if you wish and enjoy your wonderfully refreshing summer cooler. 

Important notes: Use a raw mango that is not too sour. I find the Safeda variety in India the best for raw stuff as it has a very mellow flavour when it is raw. Semi-ripe mangoes more towards the raw side will also do. The less sour the mango, the less sugar you will need to use. 

Add more or less water according to your texture preference. The lassi should not be too watery. 

Pictorial Steps:

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